Each class has a dress code (Uniform) that must be purchased as soon as possible after the 4th class. This is usually enough time to make sure that your dancer is enjoying the class(es) and is serious enough to commit to the season. 


Dancers who fail to wear the correct uniform to session after 3 strikes will not be permitted to take part.

Street Dance 


Junior  Street Dance Class

  • Orange UD T-Shirt - £20 (child size) £25 (Teen/Adult Sizes) (includes personalisation) - Order from Teacher.

  • Black Leggings or Jogging Bottoms

  • Trainers or Plimsolls  (Any colour)  - BLACK Trainers are required for all competitions.


Teen Street Dancers (School Year 8 and above)


  • Own clothes that they can dance in. (NO DENIM)

  • Trainers or Plimsolls



Our Cheerleaders have 2 Uniforms, one for training  and another for performances & competitions.


Cheerleaders Training Uniform


  • UD Cheer Training T-Shirt (cropped or full length) - £12.95  (£4.95 + for  personalisation) 

  • UD Leggings/Athletic Pants - £21.95 +

  •  Click here to order

  • We also have Hoodies and Bags but these are optional extras - all available via ilovecheer.com

  • Trainers or Plimsolls  (Any colour - NO HIGH TOPS!)  - WHITE Trainers are required for all competitions.


Cheerleaders Performance Uniform


  • Red/Black Cheer Top & Skirt  - Ordered via Teacher via USA Supplier  - costs between - £60 - £80 depending on size.

  • Cheer Bow - Approx: £12 - £14  depending on design - Ordered via Teacher

  • Black Cycling Shorts/Hotpants  - £8 - John Lewis. (or any high street retailer)

  •  White Ankle Socks & White Trainers or Plimsolls.

Jazz Dance


Jazz Dance Class Uniform


  • Plain T-Shirt (Boys)  NO HOODIES!

  • Black Shorts or Slightly loose jogging bottoms or Jazz Pants (Boys)

  • Black or Red Leotard or Black or Red Cropped Top (Girls)

  • UD Black Athletic Pants - Buy Here

  • Black Split Sole Jazz Shoes (New Dancers may bring socks to dance in)

  • Black /Red Leotard & Black Split Sole Jazz Shoes may be purchased from any Dancewear Shop. We recommend Dance Direct - Click here 

Acro Dance


Acro Dance Class Uniform


  • Plain T-Shirt (Boys)

  • Black or Red Shorts (Boys)

  • Black or Red Leotard (Girls) - Recommend Here

  • UD Black Athletic Pants /or Black Shorts/Hotpants - Buy  Here

  • Bare feet