About Us


Unique Dynamites Cheer & Dance Academy is a part-time dance school based near Paddington in Central London run by ex-professional dancer & choreographer Chanel Williams. 



Our season is a mix of classes, rehearsals, competitions, community shows and events. Those who are joined onto our agency Unique Talent Management attend auditions & castings when they match a casting brief.


The Unique Dynamites Academy’s Competition Theory:
Although we have been fortunate to receive many 1st place trophies over the past 7 years, both as a team & dancers individually, the  purpose of competition is not to see how many trophies we can get or to win all the time.

While we do push our dancers to be their personal best, our goal is to give the dancers performing experience and to learn from each experience how to become a better performer.

This process encourages discipline, teamwork and hard work - a life lesson, that if we wish to achieve anything, we must be willing to work for it. 
Competitions are used as a learning experience, not for contest.



Over the years we have worked on many performance projects with various organisations including;





























Parents & Carers are kept up to date via Text Message, Letter & Online Newsletter regarding events, shows etc...




  • We are NOT a drop-in dance school - We expect dancers to be FULLY committed to their dance team(s)- Full Attendance is expected, only 3 absences per term are permitted without losing your space. (Exceptions: Dancer's OWN Birthday, Contagious illness, Broken/fractured Limbs - in this situation, due to recovery time, dancers will probably be off the team) Absences will still be charged for unless the reason is one of the exceptions listed above.

  • We are a competitive dance school and expect all dancers to compete in at least 1 competition per season. Dancers are selected by age, ability and commitment. (All rehearsal dates are expected to be attended in order to be 'competition-ready'

  • Due to our competition schedule, new dancers are only accepted during certain times of the year. Our books are closed to new dancers, February - May each year.

  • Class fees may be paid Monthly or Termly. Payment may be made via BACS Bank Transfer or Cash in class. We no longer accept cheques under the value of £25.00.

  • Bank Details: Santander Bank -  Name: Unique Talent Management: Account No: 67127978 Sort Code: 09-01-28 

  • Cheques: made payable to Unique Dynamites or Unique Talent Management

  • Late Class Fees  (more than 2 weeks) will result in your dancer not participating in class, rehearsals, shows or competitions, unless an alternative payment schedule has been discussed & arranged in advance.

  • ALL New Dancers need to be registered and insured by the 4th Class. There is a higher rate for those taking Cheerleading & Acrobatics/Tumbling Classes.

  • Correct uniform & footwear to be worn to classes.  There is a 3 strike rule. After the 3rd session without the correct uniform, dancers will no longer be able to participate.in the class. 

  • Due to Health & Saftey rules - No jewellery to be worn at Cheerleading or Acro/Tumbling Classes - not even studs or watches.